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Commercial Services

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Video Surveillance

Protecting your companies assets, employees, and customers are key. Choosing the right platform and provider is a must. At Anderson, we strive to exceed our clients expectations. With our easy to use, robust platform, searching and saving video has never been easier.

Want to deter crime before it happens? With our human detection and tracking cameras, we can trigger a recorded message or siren along with a strobe light when a person is detected outside of your business hours.

Intrusion Detection & More

Alarm systems have been around for a long time. Today's systems have a lot more capabilities. Integrating access control, light controls, and panic stations are just a few. Want to receive notifications when the office door opens? What about assigning all employees their own user codes so you know who is coming and going? We have that. Have more than one location? You will love our integrations. You can have all of this with no contracts and our lifetime warranty program.

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commercial alarm system with
access control system

Access Control

Access control systems are the first line of defense and having one in place is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business, property, staff, and visitors.  Access Control is also used to regulate employee entry into certain areas, during certain times, and can even integrate your electronic gates to control on schedules.

commercial business access control systems in indianapolis greenwood bloomington columbus plainfield indiana. avigilon, axis

data and network solutions

Structured Cabling

In today's digital world, the life of a company is done over a network. An out-of-date or improperly deployed network can cost a company thousands of dollars each month. Anderson can help bring your existing solution to life or can design, implement, and manage a new solution that is easily scalable for future growth. Need your office or commercial building wired with Cat6, Fiber, or any other low voltage cabling, we can help.

commercial business low voltage structured cabling. security system networks. anderson security

Low Voltage cabling in Indianapolis Indiana, bloomington, greenwood, columbus, avon, plainfield

voip indianapolis

VOIP Business Phone

A companies phone system is the life of the business. If we can not communicate with clients or potential clients, we are simply no longer in business. Choosing the right phone system and service is just as important. Most providers limit your features or over charge to add features you may want. At Anderson, we do neither. Get the features you want without the headaches. Call us to schedule a no-commitment evaluation.

business phone systems and voip systems. yealink phone

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There are many reasons your network may be slow. Many times we find that the network was not set up correctly or a piece of equipment is causing a bottleneck. 

We have affordable solutions to ensure your wired and wireless network is performing at it's best. 

Our managed solutions offer a free integrated cloud controller so you can receive an alert the moment a problem arises. You are also able to make network changes remotely such as adding or changing VLAN's, adding a guest network, blocking devices, and the list goes on. 

Contact us today to schedule a free onsite visit.

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